Water Views!

With a second floor on the house now, we can see the water. There are houses between us and water, but you can get some small views between the houses behind us.

 IMG 0178IMG 0179

I took some pics of the state of the backyard. It used to look much nicer, but there was some excavation work during this whole process and a lot of perennials moved from one side of the house. Spring will bring sod, reshaping of some beds, and moving perennials around.

IMG 0176IMG 0175

Paint Started Upstairs

My parents have been helping out a lot over the past couple of weeks doing A LOT of prep work: sanding, filling nail holes, priming, etc. That has allowed us to head in on the weekends and get some paint on the walls. Most of the rooms upstairs have one coat. Next week, my cousin, who is a painter will be coming to paint the downstairs, including the kitchen, and the upstairs hallway.

Woodlawn Blue in the master bedroomIMG 0167IMG 0173

Pale Smoke in the master bath

IMG 0169IMG 0172

All paint is Benjamin Moore. Basic ceiling white was done on all of the ceilings.  All trim was done with White. If I was to pick the trim color again, we would have went with Cloud White, but we have enough done already to just keep rolling with the the same color already used.

All closets were done with Manchester Tan, a neutral color. The open living, dining room, and upstairs hall will be done in Revere Pewter.

Tiling Finished, Some Painting, & Stair Work Has Begun

The tiling in the bathrooms was finished yesterday. The grout has such a dramatic effect on the final look. 

IMG 0150IMG 0151IMG 0152IMG 0153

The bedrooms on the other side of the master have one coat of paint on them. We did the same color in both rooms. The color name is Powell Buff from Benjamin Moore. Inside of all closets, we are doing a neutral color, Manchester Tan

IMG 0155IMG 0156

The stair guy showed up and started work yesterday. He has a pile of treads he has started working on and installed one post at the top of the stairs.

IMG 0157

Our newel posts will have a squared off look, rather than being round.IMG 0149

Plastering Complete and Trim Started

Last week finished with the plaster contractors in house putting a skim coat over all walls. IMG 0117

Looing into dining room from kitchen

IMG 0118

Looking into living room from dining roomIMG 0119

Looking at stairs from dining room
IMG 0120

Office on first floor

IMG 0121

Closet outside office

IMG 0122IMG 0124

Looking at back of upstairs hall

IMG 0125

Master bedroom entrance

IMG 0126

Small bedroom

IMG 0128

Small bedroom windows

IMG 0129

Looking back at closet and entry door in small bedroomIMG 0130

Set up in master bedroom for trim work

IMG 0133

Upstairs hall looking into master bedroom and common bathroomIMG 0136

Finished Siding and Hang Drywall

The crew finished up the siding last week. The front overhang still needs trim and decorative brackets.IMG 0116

Inside, drywall began.

IMG 0104IMG 0105

Upstairs hall looking at master bedroom door and common bathroom.IMG 0106IMG 0107

Master bedroom

IMG 0108

Looking into master bath

IMG 0109IMG 0110

Living room 

IMG 0111

Looking across living room into kitchen and dining roomIMG 0112

HVAC running through office to second floor and up through master closet space to attic.IMG 0114

Dining room

IMG 0115