Back yard Jungle

One of the first items Lauren and I tackled was to tear down the jungle that had grown in the back yard. We got most of everything cut down to ground level during weekends while I was home visiting from Washington state. We bought the house before I moved back home. Lauren was still living in Massachusetts. She was a trooper helping to cut down everything. I remember a lot of cold miserable days in the middle of winter cutting, sawing, and chopping away. Here are some photos of changes over months time. Photos will come later showing the back yard after being filled and flattened.IMG_0682-234639906-OIMG_0681-234639296-OIMG_0680-234639286-OIMG_0670-234640579-OIMG_0669-234640532-OIMG_0668-234639918-O055-234641810-O





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House 05282006 017-234652229-O

We made a pile of all of the wood scraps that were cut down. I hired a tree company to come and take it all away, shredding, etc. It was $600 to have them do that. Well worth it. There was a lot of wood to get removed and some of it was nasty and snarled together.

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