Windows In and First Floor Opened

More and more noticeable changes over the past couple of weeks. Almost all of the windows are in, the first floor demo is 90% complete and the messy back yard has been re-graded. The crew was at the house this morning waiting on stock to start framing the deck. 

IMG 0073

New stairs to come in the front. The overhang will have brackets, when completed. not columns as we initially planned.

IMG 0070

First floor opened up. No more chimney. Wall to the left of the stairs will be brought out to meet the column in the middle.

IMG 0071

Whole for slider onto the deck has been opened up.

Some pics of the back yard after regrading.

IMG 0067

IMG 0066

Multitude of perennials have been moved to the back of the yard for replacement around the property. That’s some work we will tackle, cutting in new beds, moving plants around, etc. Most likely, we’ll end up using the services of a local garden center such as Mahoney’s or Corliss Bros to give us some direction, so that things look as good as could be.

IMG 0069