Final Pics

We are finally moved into the house. We have a few things still to do, some to be done soon and will be ongoing, some others will be done in the spring when the weather warms up, mostly the work that needs to take place outside:

– install the decking and rails

– stain the small front deck

– fix up the landscaping and grass

– furnish more of the inside and some decorating touches here and there

– install closet systems in master walk in and office double closet

Without further ado, here are some final pics.

IMG 2853IMG 2856IMG 2859IMG 2862IMG 2864IMG 2865IMG 2870IMG 2872IMG 2875IMG 2876IMG 2765

Notice the small TV. For those of you who have watched TV at our house before, you may be wondering where the nice 56″ Samsung LED is. Well, that was a casualty of one of my moving nights. Put it in the SUV to bring it over for the cable guy to come the next day and the way it was leaning in the back ruined the screen. Until we get a new one, this little Sony will have to do set up on a temporary stand until the new one goes up on the wall. Next time I will lay it flat like the last time I moved it. IMG 2766IMG 2767IMG 2770IMG 2771IMG 2774IMG 2775IMG 2776IMG 2777IMG 2779IMG 2783IMG 2784

Please excuse the mess in the office, that is one room that has definitely not been fully unpacked and set up yet. The desk was pulled from the wife’s brother’s garage. At some point, we will locate some nice bookshelves, or pony up for some built ins and a nice desk that fits better. Works for now, though.

IMG 2787IMG 2789IMG 2791IMG 2792IMG 2796IMG 2798IMG 2800IMG 2803IMG 2812IMG 2813IMG 2818IMG 2819IMG 2822IMG 2823IMG 2825IMG 2829IMG 2831IMG 2836IMG 2837IMG 2840

The bed frame/headboard and bedroom furniture is long overdue for an upgrade, as well for something that fits our style a little better. We got this set from a family friend  when we first bought the house back in 2006. The mattress and box spring we purchased new a few years back. It’s a Beautyrest pillow top mattress and super comfortable. Definitely one of the better purchases we have made in a long time.IMG 2842IMG 2845IMG 2847IMG 2849

Almost Moved In

We are waiting on a final electric approval and the occupancy permit. The only things not finished at this time is the tile backspace in the kitchen and the decking and rails for the deck. The deck will get finished in the spring when it is a bit warmer. We have also decided to replace the chandelier that we initially picked for the dining room, which you will see in the pics. Hopefully, we’ll like the next one that is being ordered as I write this.

Back of the house from the street behind us.

IMG 0226

Living room

IMG 0227

All paint downstairs, and up into upstairs hall is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. All trim in the entire house is Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Waterborne paint in White. That is definitely one thing I would change if we were to ever repaint. I would swap out Cloud White instead of the White for trim. The basic White is a bit to stark. You wouldn’t think that subtle differences in color would have such an impact, but when all of the trim is done, you can see where just a subtle change in color can make a difference. I have seen Cloud White and it seems like a color we would have been a little more happy with. We are very happy with how things came out though. We hired the painting out to a pro for downstairs, kitchen, stair area and hall upstairs. We painted all of the rest with a lot of help from my parents. The painter did a really great job and all of the prep work he did really had an impact on the finished product.

After entering looking towards stairs, first floor bath, and door to office.

IMG 0228


IMG 0229IMG 0232

Paint in kitchen is Lancaster Whitewash by Benjamin Moore.IMG 0233


IMG 0230

First floor bath

IMG 0234IMG 0235IMG 0236

The first floor bath was actually started before this whole project. The last thing we did was repaint all of the try in the bathroom and change the color on the walls. It used to be a blueish with some purple color that we never really liked, so we repainted the walls to Sea Haze from Benjamin Moore.

Office on first floor. Paint is Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore.

IMG 0239IMG 0238IMG 0237


IMG 0240IMG 0241


IMG 0243

Smaller bedrooms

IMG 0244

Common bath on second floor

IMG 0245IMG 0246IMG 0248IMG 0249

Master bedroom. Paint is Woodlawn Blue from Benajmin Moore

IMG 0250IMG 0251

Master bath. Paint is Pale Smoke from Benjamin Moore

IMG 0252IMG 0253IMG 0254IMG 0255IMG 0257IMG 0258IMG 0259IMG 0260IMG 0261IMG 0262

There is a master closet behind the shower. Paint is Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore.

IMG 0269IMG 0267

Finished Siding and Hang Drywall

The crew finished up the siding last week. The front overhang still needs trim and decorative brackets.IMG 0116

Inside, drywall began.

IMG 0104IMG 0105

Upstairs hall looking at master bedroom door and common bathroom.IMG 0106IMG 0107

Master bedroom

IMG 0108

Looking into master bath

IMG 0109IMG 0110

Living room 

IMG 0111

Looking across living room into kitchen and dining roomIMG 0112

HVAC running through office to second floor and up through master closet space to attic.IMG 0114

Dining room

IMG 0115