Clean Up Inside Started in Early 2007

Since there was only so much that could get down during quick weekend visits from Washington at the time, my dad jumped in to help out. He tackled many things, but the two major items that had the greatest initial improvement inside was to sand and refinish the floors and get some fresh paint on most of the walls. Not only did those changes have a dramatic impact on the cosmetics, but those changes also rid the house of some of the old, basement like, musty smell. The previous owner was a very old man who could not do anything to take care of the property for 15 years before passing, so there was a lot that was let go.


Yes, check out the bed in what is now the living room. What a disaster the set up was until we finally moved in for good. Loving the CRT TV, as well and the cheesy duvet cover and quilt that doesn’t even fit. Keeping it classy!


The counters, covered with beautiful wall paper had yet to be changed out, but the cabinets, as drab as they were, started to look like something somewhat respectable for living. It’s surprising what some paint and new hardware can do to even the more dire looking cabinets.

Hey Dad, you’re the best and have always been there to help. We can’t thank you enough!

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