Level Out Backyard April 08

As noted in the Backyard Jungle post, there were a lot of trees and bushes that needed to be removed from the backyard. After removing that mess, the back yard was noticeably lower than some of the neighbors. We brought in a lot of fill to try to level things out as much as we could.

Some friends of my dad’s from the fire department built a ramp extending from the driveway into the backyard

 8 Beachmont back yard 001-234660689-O8 Beachmont back yard 003-234660675-O


After the ramp had been built, we started bringing in some unscreened loam and spread it out.IMG_1612-270563999-OIMG_1608-270537984-OIMG_1609-270537583-OIMG_1610-270564314-O


Next, came screened loam and a Bobcat rental, fun stuff.IMG_1432-287275444-OIMG_1433-287275610-OIMG_1435-287276034-OIMG_1436-287269044-OIMG_1439-287269455-OIMG_1440-287269616-OIMG_1443-287270012-OIMG_1444-287270159-OIMG_1445-287270323-OIMG_1446-287270466-OIMG_1450-287271298-OIMG_1451-287271508-OIMG_1454-287272164-OIMG_1455-287272350-OIMG_1457-287272828-OIMG_1456-287272604-OIMG_1459-287273324-OIMG_1460-287273547-OIMG_1461-287273832-O

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